Mounting your Bat House

Small single chamber bat houses work best attached to a wooden or masonry structure . Large multi chamber houses, such as the nursery colony sized ones sold here, work anywhere the smaller bat houses will. Plus they will also successfully attract bats in locations that do not contribute thermal mass such as poles or metal sided buildings. Attaching bat houses to trees is not recomended and should be avoided for a variety of reasons.

Location is important

Nursery colonys for most species of bats need to be 1/4 mile or less from a good water source. Some limited success with Brazilian Free-tailed bats and
bachelors of other species has been achieved at greater distances. More than one mile from water and your probably wasting your time installing a bat house. As much as I would like to sell you a nice bat house, I hate see disappointed customers. It is also wasteful of resources to build things that are never used.
Mounting cleat

Back of a bat house with a mounting cleat installed waiting on another test box to be completed.

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