Hi, I'm just a hobbyist bat house builder, not some nameless, faceless 'commercial' enterprise:) Despite these limitations my personal second bat house happened to be the worlds first rotationally molded bat house. Soon your first, second, or third bat house can be the worlds best bat house. They're not just plastic, they're Bat-tastic!

March 27 2012

A week early updating this month so sue me:) The 'other guys' ran their first prototype a few days ago. Starting to reconsider my earlier speculation that they are aware of me as they now are claiming to be first. Not only do I have them beat by over a year, someone could have made a bat house from a rotationally molded trash can twenty years ago and technically been the first. And not even know it today...

March 2 2012
Tuesday February 28th 2012, just over a year since the initial prototypes my mold was back up for a brief run.

Five bat houses

Only five this run and all have the internal sand texture this time.

New and old

Quite an improvement over the silly looking 'belly band' and will greatly simplify installing the baffles. 

February 2 2012
A bit 'bloggish' of me (but hey, all the cool kids are doing it) just want to fill every one in on what has happened since last year when I introduced my rotationally molded bat house.

A few weeks ago I found a link posted over in the bat sub-forum of Cave Chat. Vermont public radio had interviewed two bat biologists and put the audio up for a free listen. Kind of long (first 38 of 46 minutes) but worth while if you can spare the time.

One thing that caught my ear was mention of a research project that involves large concrete bat houses which can be cleaned to (hopefully) help slow the spread of White Nosed Syndrome (WNS). The biologist referred to them as a "bat bunker"... Used that as a search term and (after wading through the false hits on Batman's secret lair) much to my surprise instead of the research project I was expecting, I found a roto molder introducing their new plastic bat house.

Only a CAD drawing as of February 1 2012 (No I'm not going to link their site, use Google if your curious) Pretty sure they are well aware of me since they repeatedly emphasize the word "commercial" in their product descriptions and do not claim to be the first with a roto-molded bat house.

Oddly their design appears to be closer to what I envisioned here, a year and a half ago on the Bat House Forum than what mine ended up being. Double wall offers some interesting options, but does run tooling costs up a bunch. But they got deep pockets so more power too them:)

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William Bagwell

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